Anvil 5.5 Gallon Brew Kettle

  • $249.99

Great for beginners and experienced brewers alike, the 5.5 Gallon Brew Kettle by Anvil is the perfect pot for brewing standard sized homebrew batches with style. It delivers all the features you will find in advanced level pots (including a dip tube) at a reasonable price.

Made out of 18 gauge stainless steel, this brew kettle is durable, reliable and easy to clean. With proper and timely cleaning and care, this pot will last you a lifetime and will certainly become the centerpiece of your brewing system.

Description: The Anvil 5.5 Gallon Brew Kettle delivers enough volume to brew common 5 gallon batches with ease.

It features a simple and sturdy design, and is very easy to move thanks to the comfortable stainless steel handles. The lid is designed for a tight fit in order to ensure optimal heat conservation when ramping up the temperature.

The temperature gauge and ball valve come readily installed in the kettle, so using it will be much simpler. And with the convenient imperial and metric system scale noted inside the pot, you will always be able to measure precisely the volume of your wort.

So if you're looking for an all-around perfect pot that is easy to clean, durable, and packed with all the features to make it a great kettle, this piece of equipment is just the thing you need.
Features: Inner dimensions are: 11 5/8"

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