Lactic Acid - 5 fl oz (150 ml)

Lactic Acid - 5 fl oz (150 ml)

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If you need to lower the pH level of your mash or brewing water but do not want to alter its mineral content, Lactic Acid offers a very simple and direct solution for the task at hand. In cases when the brewing water is too basic/alkaline, the effective pH level of the mash may be too high, which usually leads to poor starch conversion, weak enzymatic activity, and respectively lower quality of the wort.

Lactic Acid helps to lower the pH level of your mash and sparge water, thus improving the efficiency of your brewing system.
Description: Lactic Acid is a quite popular choice for brewing water adjustment thanks to it relatively neutral flavour profile, especially when compared to other food-grade acids. When used for pH adjustment, it doesn’t affect the flavour or aroma of the final beer, and is equivalent to using German Acid Malt, though in a more direct and efficient manner.

For best results use a calibrated pH meter and adjust the added amount according to current readings.

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