Acidex Super-K - 3 oz (85 g)

Acidex Super-K - 3 oz (85 g)

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Some acidic tartness can make a wine more complex, but what if there’s too much of it and the wine simply tastes sour? Fret not, as Acidex Super-K is here to help you out. In most cases the pronounced acidity perceived in a wine’s taste is due to high tartaric acid content, which is a natural part of a wine’s acid mix.

Acidex Super-K works by breaking down the tartaric acid and promoting the precipitation of so-called wine crystals, which results in a less acidic and more balanced wine flavour.
Description: On its own, Acidex Super-K does not affect the flavour and aroma of the finished wine directly. However, thanks to neutralization of tartaric acid, the overall flavour profile and bouquet of the drink will be altered, typically allowing for more pleasant and milder notes to shine through.

For best results use after fermentation, stabilization and fining the wine, typically at rates of about 3.4 grams per gallon of finished beverage in a pronouncedly acidic wine.

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