Digital Temperature Controller (A421)

Digital Temperature Controller (A421)

  • $129.99

The Digital Temperature Controller (A421) provides optimal temperature control during fermentation. This temperature controller is designed to override the existing internal thermostat to provide an exact and consistent temperature whether it be in a freezer or heater.

Both new and veteran brewers can take advantage of this controller in part due to how easy it is to install. Simply plug it in to an outlet and your desired appliance and you are good to go!



This Digital Temperature Controller is great for:

  • Heating or cooling a fermentation environment.
  • During use with a freezer or refrigerator it operates once the temperature rises about your desired temperature.
  • During use with a heater it activates when temperatures go above or drop below what you desire.
  • LCD display shows temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius via the sensor probe, with adjustable brightness for low light conditions.
  • Comes with both a 6' sensor lead and 6' extension cord
  • 120 VAC line voltage
  • Temperature Range: -30F to 212F
  • Differential: 1F to 30F
  • NEMA 1 enclosure which is ideal for dry environments
  • Requires no additional wiring

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