3 Gallon New Ball Lock Keg (AEB)

3 Gallon New Ball Lock Keg (AEB)

  • $159.99

When a standard 5-gallon keg is too much, this 3 Gallon New Ball Lock Keg (AEB) will offer you the ultimate build quality in a convenient format.

Designed specifically for smaller batches, this keg offers a great solution for splitting your batches post-fermentation or doing smaller experimental boils.

Simple, sturdy and reliable, it has everything you’d expect from a standard Cornelius ball lock keg, just in a smaller size.

If you are looking for a way to keep the contents cold and stop condensation from building up on the outside of your keg take a look at the Keg King Neoprene Jacket


Important notice: The keg posts are "clean in place". Removing posts voids the warranty.

Description: This keg has never been used as it comes new in the box from the factory. Made out of quality stainless steel, it offers a maximum working pressure of 130 PSI which is way more than a standard beer, cider, soda or pop drink will require.

Carrying it around won’t be much of a chore thanks to the comfort-grip handle, while the rubberized base will protect the floor or any other surface from scratching when moving the keg.
Warning: Do not exceed its maximum pressure capacity.

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