Beverage Infusions

Beverage Infusions

New to Canuck Homebrew Supply, Beverage Infusion from the ABC Crafted Series™. Infuse your wines or any other shelf-stable beverage with these delicious flavours.

For those who enjoy fruit wines, you can now turn any wine into fruit wine. The recommended amount is 1 - 500 ml bottle of infusion per 1.5 L of wine.

Are you wondering what 'shelf-stable beverage', might benefit from these infusions? Try them in any of the following: Beer, Water, Ciders, Coffee, Cocktails, Iced Teas, Champagnes, Seltzer & Mineral Waters. Use 80 - 100ml (3 - 6 oz) for every 4 L (1 US Gallon) for these types of beverages.

These beverage infusions are pasteurized at packing, and they will remain shelf-stable after opening, plus they are a Product of Canada.

Shake well before using.

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