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Brewing is a precise art that implies a vast body of knowledge from the brewer in order to be successful. And in brewing, learning is always an ongoing process that never stops and only gets more detailed with time.

Any good brewer knows that there’s no successful practice without mastering the theory of beer making, as this process is a cross between physics, chemistry, engineering, biology, and mechanics. And to help you master all of the various aspects of beer making, Canuck Homebrew Supply offers a broad selection of books that will help you learn more about the different sides, ingredients, and processes of making your own beer.

There are many great brewing books and guides covering all parts of the beer making process, including water chemistry, hops, malts and yeasts. Many of these books have become international bestsellers, and there’s only one reason for that – it’s because they really help you to understand the various aspects of brewing beer at home. Any of these books would be an excellent gift for either a brewing novice or a seasoned homebrewer. Why? Because when it comes to brewing beer - learning never stops.

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