Steeping Filtering & Straining

Steeping, Filtering & Straining

During the brewing process you will have several stages where different kinds of filtering is applied. Whether steeping grains in a wort made with malt extract, adding hops to the boil, doing a Brew-In-A-Bag all-grain mash, or filtering your brewing water, there’s always a need for various items that will act as a filter. And at Canuck Homebrew Supply you will always have a large variety of mesh bags, muslin bags, hop hangers and water filters to choose from.

We offer a broad range of filtering items that will help you during the brewing process. When it comes to separating liquid from undesired solids, various types of mesh materials are a must-have for your brewing inventory. From preparing your brewing water by removing unwanted minerals before the mash and sparge, to keeping the hop trub and other solids from being transferred into the fermentation vessel, these filtering items will do the job. Just make sure to pick the right item for the task at hand, as we have a very broad variety to choose from.

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