Brewing Tubing

Brewing Tubing

No matter how big or small your homebrew setup might be, having reliable brewing tubing to connect all the vessels is always important. Even if you have top of-the-line Mash Tun or Boiling kettle, using the incorrect or leaking tubing can turn the whole experience of brewing your own beer into a nightmare.

Fortunately for you, at Canuck Homebrew Supply we always have plenty of options to choose from whether you are in need of beverage & brewing tubing or gas lines.

The most popular choices of material for brewing tubing are vinyl and silicone, and you will always find the right option in stock on our site. Depending on the size of your brewing vessels, you may need tubing of different diameters since it will directly affect the flow rate of water and wort between the pots. So make sure to look into different options available and pick the kind of tubing that will fit your needs and existing hardware.

All the beverage tubing you will find at our site is food-grade, odourless and tasteless, approved by the FDA for use in food production, and can withstand high temperatures common in the beer brewing process.

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