Whole Leaf Hops

Whole Leaf Hops

Whole-leaf hops deliver unparalleled hop character that no pellet can compete with, and it takes only a single brewday to grasp the difference. Whole-leaf hop cones are dried and vacuum-packaged right after being picked, without additional processing, which means that they retain most of the aroma oils and acids to imbue your beer with. The only next best thing is brewing with actual freshly picked hops, which is certainly problematic due to seasonal character of the plant and its geographic availability. So if you want to get the most aroma and flavour in your next hop-forward beer, whole-leaf hops are definitely the option to go with.

At Canuck Homebrew Supply we always strive to have the best ingredients for the experimental brewer to work with. That’s why this section of our site will constantly be updated with fresh whole-leaf hops depending on their availability. So make sure to check back often and see what varieties are available at the moment.

Brewing with whole-leaf hops may provide certain technical challenges and require additional wort filtration, especially when making really hoppy beers. Yet the intense flavour and aroma of fresh hops are certainly worth the extra effort. So don’t hesitate and get your whole-leaf hops here!

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