Quick Disconnects

Quick Disconnects

Any brewing system consists of the big elements like boil kettles and mash tuns and small parts like tubing and connections of different types. And while the large elements seem to get the most attention and less compromise, the minor connections and tubing are often overlooked by the enthusiast brewer. Yet, having reliable piping and the ability to quickly disconnect different parts of the brewing system can make a huge difference during the brewday and save you a lot of time and energy. That’s why getting quality quick disconnects for your brewhouse is definitely an investment you should consider.

At Canuck Homebrew Supply we always carry a broad assortment of high quality quick disconnects for your brewing vessels. We have stainless steel and brass quick disconnects of different types and diameters to fit brewing systems and piping of all shapes and sizes.

From garden hose fittings to faucet adapters, these quick disconnects allow connecting and disconnecting various parts of your brewing system in a matter of seconds with just one hand. Make your brewing sessions less stressful and more efficient by fitting your brewhouse with quality disconnects, and you will see how fun homebrewing can really be.

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