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Whenever you want to get a perfect seal while joining different elements in your brewing system, having a dedicated O-ring will surely do the trick. Even if your fittings match in thread and diameter, the very process of brewing, which deals with huge amounts of liquid, implies that you’ll need an assortment of O-rings in your brewing inventory, if you want to avoid any leaks in your system. And in this category of our store you will always find a broad range of dedicated O-rings to choose from.

At Canuck Homebrew Supply we always carry a big selection of O-rings that are designed for different purposes. We have silicone and rubber O-rings as well as stainless steel nuts dedicated for things like keg ball locks, brewing vessel fittings, fermenter gaskets, ball locks, draft faucets and many others.

So if you want to make sure that every element and connection point of your brewing system never leaks, make sure to pick from the nuts and O-rings featured in this category.

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