End Caps & Plugs

When it’s time to put a definitive stop to any opening in your brewing setup, you need a dedicated end cap or plug to do the job right. There are many situations in which you’ll want to plug a fitting in your system and avoid any undesired leaks. To do this right, you’ll need a dedicated plug or end cap that has the same thread and diameter as your fitting or coupler. Fortunately, at Canuck Homebrew Supply you will always be able to select from a broad range of plugs and end caps of various shapes, sizes, diameters, and threads.

It always seems like such a small thing as an end cap isn’t important until you find yourself in a situation when having a dedicated plug or end cap could have saved you a lot of time. That’s why we strongly recommend browsing through our selection of plugs and picking the ones that will fit your brewing system. A dedicated plug or end cap can make all the difference and save you from stress while brewing, so it’s definitely wise to stock up on these simple accessories in advance.