Bazooka Screens & False Bottoms

Bazooka screens are basically a mini version of a false bottom. They attach to the inside of your boil kettle in order to strain any hop or grain particles from your wort when transferring to your fermenter. Depending on the size of your brew pot you could use a 6" or 12" bazooka screen attached to your ball valve or solder our 12" double-ended screen to a 1/2" brass or copper fitting, then attach to your ball valve in order to drain from the middle of your brew kettle.

False bottoms are used to separate your mash from your wort and failure to do this correctly could make for stuck mashes, lots of spent grain and husks (which could contribute to a bitter phenolic taste) and also just a really slow run off. Generally after mash out you would want to do a “recirc” and you do that by (depending on your setup) pouring off a few litres at a time of wort and gently pour back the wort on top of your mash bed. Doing this allows any sediment that has settled at the bottom of your tun to be cleared out and placed back on the filter bed.

So, whether you are using a converted cooler for a mash tun or a stainless steel kettle/mash tun, we have got you covered for the equipment needed. I’d recommend checking out the False Bottoms produced by Anvil, as they are extremely durable and built to last many years of mashing. If you are having problems with hot trub, check out the Pancake Trub Stopper and if you are using a converted Sanke Keg we have false bottoms for those as well!

Make sure you have a look at our Hardware and Fittings section so you can carry on smoothly with your brewday after purchasing parts for your mash tun and kettle. Also don’t forget about your ingredients for that IPA you’ve been wanting to brew for the last few months. If you have any questions about our parts or need any assistance then please do contact us and one of our friendly employees will respond to your query.