(4 Pack) Italian 5 Gallon Stubby Ball Lock Keg

  • $149.99
  • Save $110

What’s better than having a good lightly used Italian Cornelius keg that has been in use only a couple of years?

Having four of them at the same time!

That’s exactly what the Italian 5 Gallon Stubby Ball Lock Keg 4 Pack delivers, and it’s a deal that is hard to beat. While many people spend a lot of time looking for a single decent Italian keg to expand their inventory with, this pack delivers four such kegs, all in very good condition.

Just clean them thoroughly, sanitize them, and they’ll last you a lifetime.


Italian 5 Gallon Stubby Ball Lock Kegs

What makes these Italian kegs so valuable is the fact that they"ve been manufactured specifically for the Italian branch of Pepsi and have been in rotation for only a couple of years, in contrast to most American made Cornelius kegs that were in use for decades before making their way to the local homebrew shop. Typically, these kegs are in a much better condition both functionally and visually compared to their American counterparts. That is why these kegs are highly prized among experienced homebrewers. So don"t miss the chance to get not one, but four high quality Italian ball lock kegs at a really competitive price while supplies last.
  • 23" Tall
  • 9" Diameter
  • No Stickers
  • Gently Used
  • Pressure Relief Valve
  • Convenient Rubber Handles
  • Cleaned and Pressure Tested
  • 19/32 Ball Lock Posts

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